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Welcome to our company

We are the best real estate school and agency providing our costumers with the greatest care. In our school of real estate, the beginners in this industry can learn the basics of this business, and they can take courses which will expand their knowledge on the subject, with a chance in closer defining their future path in this niche. Within our real estate agency, we have some professionals available to everyone in search of a proper real estate that is best suited for them. And because our school and agency are connected, to the best of our students we offer internships, because every business is better learned with a little bit of practice.

We Specialize In

In our real estate school, we are specialized in various programs, and our professionals are offering those same services. The list of our specialized programs is listed below: Salespersons license, appraiser license, brokers license, contractor license, home inspection, real estate appraisers renewal, real estate salesperson renewal, real estate broker renewal, mortgage loan originator license.

Why We Are Different

Our one of a kind business model in which we are educating future professionals in real estate business, combined with the highly successful rate of our real estate agency is what puts us at the top of this industry. Our team of highly professional and dedicated members is composed not only of people who have experience in educating the future professionals, but they are still on the field of real estate business.

About our company

Our company was first founded as a real estate agency. With time, we realized how much the real estate market has yet to offer. With that in mind, we made a series of courses through which our future employees had to (re)gain the necessary knowledge to improve and modernize their understanding of this industry. With time, we decided to take it a step further, and that is how our real estate school was born. We now offer some different lessons and courses for people from beginner to a professional level and some classes that are there to renew and update the already gained knowledge.

What People Say

Melissa Caldwell

I thought I would have to give up, but you found my perfect home, and I thank you so much for all of your hard work. I am grateful for everything you did about the house and the bank. I would always recommend you.

Stephen Altman

I did an online course with another school, but I felt like I was not ready to take the exam. So, I signed up for your school and the instructor Mark was amazingly good in answering all my questions, and restoring my confidence. He helped me understand everything.

Andrew Wilson

I took two courses in your school, with two different educators, and both of them have been great. This was a new adventure for me, and I wasn’t sure how it would go, but now not only I finished the basics, but I am looking in becoming a specialized agent – all thanks to you.

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Vision and Strategy for the Future

Our plan for the future is simple. This company is going to continue its course of quality service and business success. Every year our revenue has increased by a steady 3 percent. We plan to open new offices in at least three different states next year. We will also be opening new real estate schools so we could educate young, driven agents who wish to become the best in this field.

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